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About Events

Day 1

Technical Event

This day is more about Technology more focused for tech enthusiats

Day 2

Entreprenual event

This is the day for all interested in entreprenureship


ICT Meetup is yearly event organized by Prime College and Prime IT Club with the theme "Industry - Academia Collaboration". It is comprised of different sessions and panel discussions where ICT experts, CEO, educationists, software developers/ designers, entrepreneurs and government officials join together to share knowledge tackle new challenges. It also aims to provide platform for it students, freelancers and developers to showcase their projects and innovative creations in the field of information, communication and technology.

  • ICT Meetup 2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    ICT Meetup for the first time organized in 2012 by the energetic past teams from 2012 which was a successful event!

  • ICT Meetup 2013

    Second version with double energy

    Second version of ICT Meetup was organised successfully providing awareness to all the participants with the great sessions.

  • ICT Meetup V3.0

    Third version with triple energy

    Third version was organised successfully which incorporated inspiring panel discussion along with other great sessions.

  • ICT Meetup V4.0

    Fourth version with quadruple energy

    This version boasts two days event and we are happy to bring this version of ICT Meetup with the topic that is in interest of todays youth.

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Our Amazing Team

One for all and all for one Prime IT Club

Sudeshna Pradhananga


Bibek Maharjan

Vice President

Bini Maharjan

Vice President

Sujata Lama

General Secretary

Bipin Shrestha


Atal Pandey


Reeja Shakya


Ayush Pradhan

Executive Member

Nikesh Ratna Bajracharya

Executive Member

Rabince Shrestha

Executive Member

Rishi Karki

Executive Member

Kneeba Shrestha

Executive Member

Udeep Baral

Executive Member

Karan Maharjan

Executive Member

Arundev Silwal

Executive Member

Ayush Maharjan

Executive Member

Team of Prime IT Club.


Prime College, Block B, Nayabazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact Us

Any queries regarding ICT Meetup or any suggestion feel free to connect with us by sending us emails and post us in our facebook pages.